Menu Updated 10/07/19.  Ingredients will change seasonally. All cheese is fresh cut to order.


BOARDS Served w/ baguette, dried fruits, nuts & gherkins  

/  Landlord’s Board $21

Cheesemonger’s selection of two cheeses, 

pâté de campagne & A Small Good salami,

house mustard & fig jam


/  Ploughman’s Board $17

Cheesemonger’s selection of two cheeses 

& pâté de campagne w/ house mustard


/  Columbia County Cheese Board $17

Cheesemonger’s selection of three cheeses 

local to Columbia County


/  Vermont Cheese Board $17

Cheesemonger’s Selection of three cheeses

from award winning Vermont dairies


SANDWICHES   Served with gherkins.  Add North Fork chips for $2.50.


/ Kimchi Grilled Cheese  $11

Grafton 6 month cheddar, Hawthorne Valley Kimchi, butter, sourdough


/ Grilled Cheddar  $8

Grafton 6 month cheddar, butter, sourdough

-add heirloom tomato for $2

/ Grilled Blue  $11

Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese, Grafton 2 year cheddar, Butter, Sourdough 

Fig Jam for Dipping  


/ Triple Cream & Sec  $12

Von Trapp Saucisson Sec, Four Fat Fowl St Stephen, apricot jam pepper, arugula, baguette


/ Chevre & Honey  $11

Miracle Springs Chevre, olive oil, honey, arugula, apricot jam, black pepper,  baguette


/ Ploughman Sandwich $13

Pâté de campagne, gherkins, radish, mustard, baguette




/ House-made Hummus Plate (Ve)  $11

Seasonal vegetables, gherkins, spiced nuts, baguette       


/ Sardines  $8

Lemon, olive oil, baguette


/ Goat Medley  $14

Jar of fresh goat cheese nestled in olive oil with pesto, olives, hot peppers, rosemary, and garlic.  Served with baguette and

perfect for sharing.


/ Harbison $25

Jasper Hill’s gem of a bloomy, cedar-wrapped cheese served whole.

Scoop into this decadent treat. Great for a group.


GF crackers available                


       & OTHERWISE


11 Chatham Street

Kinderhook, NY 12106



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