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About Us


Saisonnier is a family-run beer & cheese bar and shop located in Kinderhook, NY.  Opened in 2019 by Kasey and Patrick Kenny, Saisonnier is focused on independent craft beer and local artisanal provisions for dine-in or takeaway.

Kasey and Patrick migrated from Brooklyn to Kinderhook to raise their family and to realize their dream of being small business owners. With a life long appreciation for the Hudson Valley, Kasey and Patrick enthusiastically support the local bounty of dairies, farms, brewers and artisans in order to purvey local, quality products.

Saisonnier is named for the French-speaking seasonal laborers who worked the fields of Wallonia, Belgium since the Middle Ages and for which the style of beer known as Saison obtained its moniker. Saisonnier emphasizes seasonality, terroir, and the farm-to-table concept.

(hint: it rhymes with OK)

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